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"Leave it better than you found it" 
Next Generation Landscape Contractors is taking Landscaping to another level by using Regeneration. Being able to see homes that were completely devoid of life transform into an ecological living masterpiece really has given us hope for our future generations. 

Soil regeneration, as a particular form of ecological regeneration within the field of restoration ecology, is creating new soil and rejuvenating soil health by: minimizing the loss of topsoil, retaining more carbon than is depleted, boosting biodiversity, and maintaining proper water and nutrient cycling.
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A Bit About Us

Next Generation Contractors is a mother company of both; Magic Beans Landscaping and Next Generation Landscapers based in the Denver Metro Area. Both companies were founded by Megan Banich, a 23 year old entrepreneur who has decided to leave her mark on the planet. 

Magic Beans Landscaping has been around since 2017. Magic Beans Landscaping is approved by the PACE Program in Boulder Colorado for the $10,000 Grant to help small businesses like us acquire battery powered tools to reduce our carbon footprint. Megan created Next Generation Landscapers in 2021 to educate communities and families about the importance of our land and soil the importance of protecting it.

We have a goal to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by the end of 2024. 



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