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Meet the Team


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Megan Banich 

Owner of Next Generation Landscape Contractors, Next Generation Landscaping, Magic Beans Landscaping, Soil Advocate, Certified Landscape Designer.

Megan is a Colorado Native. She decided to work in this industry because she can create masterpieces with her hands, give back to mother earth, and have fun in the sun! Former Graduate from New York Institute of Art and Design for Landscape Design, Graduate of the Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate Coarse, Current Student at QC Design School to gain the ILDC / International Landscape Design Certification, and soon to be a certified interior designer. She has an eye for detail and can create designs that are one of a kind to each client. Megan wants nothing more than to save our planet with one key concept, REGENERATION.

(303) 802 - 7073

Chris Wallace

 Magic Beans and Next Generation Landscaping  

Foreman in Training

Chris is from the Denver area and has a passion for climate change. Since Chris joined Next Generation Contractors in 2022 he has taken the incentive to take on Foreman Training. Chris makes sure that all projects and installs are done according to the scope of work along and to scale. Chris's job is to get tasks done on time and deliver the best quality he can. 


Javier Polsfut

 Magic Beans and Next Generation Landscaping

Foreman in Training

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this valuable member of our team. His skills include tree care, landscape Installs, and a basic understanding of plants. He is a sedulous worker and makes sure projects get to their completion date on time.

Sage Reynolds

Magic Beans Landscaping and Next Generation Landscaping - General Contractor

Since 2018, Sage Reynolds has been one of our is one of our proud independent contractors. Sage has a passion for gold mining and knows most of the names of rocks / stones. We’re thankful for the many years of experience and skills he has brought to the company. Sage has been working snow storms since 2018 and gets to know all the VIP property's. Sage has came up with on the spot cutting edge ideas to help save time with projects and help with efficiency. Sage is a leader by heart and can take a landscape design job by storm.


Luis Martinez

Magic Beans Landscaping and Next Generation Landscaping Concrete (Lead of Operations) 

Luis Martinez is an experienced Hardscaper. He enjoys making dreams come true using hard materials. Luis is our concrete professional. He has experience in driveways, outdoor kitchens, patios, retaining walls, stamped concrete, and more. 

Calvin Knight

Magic Beans Landscaping and Next Generation Landscaping Irrigation Expert

Calvin is a sub-contractor through the Magic Beans Landscaping and Next Generation Landscapers in the Boulder and Denver Metro Area. He has 6 years of experience in the irrigation field working with Rainbird, Hunter, Orbit, and other brands of irrigation. Calvin and his team are hard working educated people. 


Kody Carleton 

Magic Beans Landscaping and Next Generation Landscapers

Professional Tree Climber and Arborist

Cody is a professional Tree Climber in the Boulder Area. He works with another tree service during the week and helps us out on the weekends. He is passionate about the work he does and always practices safety first. We are very thankful to have Cody as a part of our team. 


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As of right now we are only serving Colorado Locations and doing the 5 Day trips hosted by Megan. We appreciate everybody's support throughout the years. Please do not email us regarding any ad campaign services, website services, or "Google ad services," all solicitors will be immediately blocked.  All submissions from our website, Angi, thumbtack, Houzz, Home Depot, and word of mouth will go to our mailing list. If you would no longer like to be on the mailing list you can easily unsubscribe or reach out to us if you would like to opt out. 

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